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Who We Are

The Finest Hats, For You

We sell high-quality Panama hats in Thailand and around the world.

The difference between us an our competitors? We lived in Ecuador, the country of the Panama hat, for half a year. We know our product profoundly. We love talking about it and sharing what we learned in Ecuador with you.

All Montefino hats are authentic. They are handmade in Ecuador by the best artisans in the business. Our factory is located in the city of Cuenca, the Capital of the Panama hat. First, the hats are handwoven in small villages outside of Cuenca. Then, they are transported to the factory to be “blocked” (i.e. shaped) and finished. But before that, upon arrival at the factory, the hats go through a very rigorous selection process. Only the best woven hats are kept to be finished. That quality control makes all the difference in the world, as it guarantees a constant high quality.

What’s more, we proud ourselves of having a customer-oriented approach. We don’t only sell hats. We provide a service. We share a tradition. And, most importantly, we do it for YOU. That is why we have the most generous exchange policy in Thailand. Just come to our shop in Chiang Mai or contact us online. We are here for you!


Our Story

Montefino Hats was founded by a well-travelled polyglot Thai woman, Khun Hathaiporn (Goi), who lived in Ecuador for half a year in 2014. Along with local craftpeople, she created a line of products that are both authentic and fashionable.

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Hathaiporn lived in Cuenca, in the Azuay province. This is where most of the Ecuadorian Panama hats are produced.

While living there, she visited the small villages were the Panama hats are woven, such as Sigsig and Chordeleg. She had the chance to meet the weavers and to learn about the Andean culture and the Panama hat heritage. She discovered a wonderful community of hard-working people who are perpetuating a centuries-old tradition.




She also visited the factories in Cuenca where the hats are selected and finished. We worked hand in hand with a local factory to create a line of hats that we are proud of.





When her journey in Ecuador ended, Hathaiporn came back to Thailand and opened Montefino’s first Panama hat shop in Chiang Mai.

Montefino is proud to bring the Panama hat tradition to you.